Events :: SkyDream Информационные сообщения ru Wed, 24 Apr 2019 08:41:11 +0400 AN-70 will fly past Russia to Iran. <p> Iran could obtain Ukrainian aircraft, rejected by the Russian Air Force<br /> <br /> Ukrainian airline "Antonov" by midsummer develop the turbojet modification of the An-70, rejected by Russia. Aircraft have decided to get rid of Russian parts to equip the US-French engines and selling, particularly in Iran. The expert believes that there may be political issues: Europe can be against supply in the country, is considered an outcast.<br /> <br /> Ukrainian State Enterprise "Antonov", which created more than 20 years in conjunction with the Russian military transport aircraft An-70, plans to make on its basis another machine, completely free from Russian parts, and sell it abroad, primarily in Iran. This was told by a senior representative of the company.<br /> In 2012, then-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the Russian Air Force can purchase 60 aircraft AN-70. In the summer of 2014 due to the hostilities in the south-eastern Ukraine, where Kiev authorities accuse the Russian, Ukrainian President Poroshenko banned Ukrainian enterprises of the military-technical cooperation with Russia.<br /> <br /> In late February, the An-70 was excluded from the Russian state arms program - instead he decided to develop the project IL-476.<br /> <br /> "Even before the failure of the Russian An-70, we started to look for alternative markets for this aircraft, because the aircraft is great. And one of the options that we calculate - is the supply of this machine to Iran. Now, our Iranian partners are studying this proposal, we hope that by the summer of 2015 will be a decision ", - said the source.<br /> <br /> In 2001, "Antonov" organized in Iran assembly of passenger turboprop aircraft An-140 is currently being discussed assembly turbojet AN-148 and AN-158.<br /> <br /> An-70 - Soviet military transport aircraft, which began to develop in 1976. Its main feature was a short takeoff and landing on unpaved airfields. However, the first flight of the aircraft performed only in 1994, when Russia and Ukraine were already different states. The aircraft was decided to bring to the serial production due to the equity financing of the two countries, despite the two plane crashes: in 1994 the first prototype ran in the air with another aircraft, and in 2001 a second prototype crashed due to failure of two engines during takeoff. This airplane was restored, and now it is the only instance of a flying AN-70.<br /> <br /> One of the designers of the An-70 explained that because of the ban on military-technical cooperation with Russia AN-70 to get rid of Russian components.<br /> <br /> In this case, instead of the original screw-fan engines D-27 screws which makes the Russian plant, aircraft turbofan engines are going to install the CMF-56 produced by the French company Snecma and American General Electric. These engines are installed on the last modifications Boeing-737 and A-320, on the basis of CMF-56 produced the SaM146 engine for the aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet".<br /> <br /> "The plane will be called the An-188. From An-70 there will be only a glider glider because he is magnificent. And everything else will be different. First of all, we will deliver it new engines instead of screw Ukrainian Russian screws will stand the French motors, which now stand at A-320 (CMF-56). Appropriately modified and interior equipment, "- said one of the designers of the An-70.<br /> <br /> He added that the project AN-188 will be ready by the summer of 2015.<br /> <br /> Head of branch agency "Airport" Oleg Panteleyev said that the idea to establish the marketing of AN-70 / AN-188 to Iran looks very shaky.<br /> <br /> "Iran, of course, there are problems with the purchase of aircraft in other countries, and if they need a military transport aircraft, the An-70 would fit. Another thing is whether the "Antonov" to adjust its production without Russian components, given that even the aluminum fuselage was delivered from Russia, not to mention the landing gear, avionics and propulsion system components. Until the summer of the maximum that can be done - is to draw a leaflet. A redesign of the aircraft under the new engines and new components will take 2-3 years, and provided stable funding, "- said Panteleyev.<br /> <br /> He also did not rule out that the Western manufacturers of aircraft engines, which are going to use the "Antonov", can veto the sale of the aircraft to Iran, which is still under numerous Western sanctions.<br /> <br /> "Of course, to support the" Antonov ", the US and EU sanctions may weaken, but this is highly unlikely. If the delivery will be made to bypass the sanctions have a negative impact on companies producing, "- said Panteleyev.<br /> <br /> However, he stressed that the willingness of An-70 project is very high and try to find this aircraft market need right now.<br /> <br /> Iran's representative to the ASTC "Antonov" for two days did not answer. Vice President - Deputy General Designer, Marketing, Sales and Aftersales Alexander Kiva explained that intergovernmental agreements do not allow "Antonov" to comment on the deal to their conclusion. </p> Fri, 06 Mar 2015 21:35:31 +0400 foreign airlines are buying dismissed because of the crisis Russian pilots <p> Foreign airlines are buying fallen under reduction in Russian pilots, in particular former members of "UTair" and "Nordwind". About this newspaper "Izvestia". </p> <p> According to the newspaper, Russians take a job at Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Korean Air, Air China Cargo, Vietnam Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Taiwan's Eva Air. Also continue to gain Russian pilots and Emirates. </p> <p> "We received about 250 resumes from Russian competitors. Basically it is the commanders of aircraft and flight attendants. Basically it is a former pilot "UTair", "Nordwind" and "Icarus", "- said the representative of the Irish recruitment company Direct Personnel Derek Doyle. </p> <p> Interest of foreign airlines to the Russians also confirmed in the Russian employment agency "Aviapersonal." </p> Tue, 10 Feb 2015 11:53:11 +0400 ​"Geophysics" flies to bypass sanctions <p> <span style="background-color: initial;">Legendary aircraft "Geophysics" will serve as the Europeans, despite sanctions</span> </p> <p> 05.02.2015, 13:57 | Paul Kotlyar </p> <p> European scientists are in need of unique Russian aircraft "Geophysics" to study the atmosphere at an altitude of 20 km. The joint project will help better predict climate change and Russian aviators - save the legendary car. </p> <p> Two high-altitude aircraft - the legendary American U-2 and the unique Russian M-55 "Geophysics" - have a long history in which the fate of both cars were intertwined with each other. Today, M-55, the brainchild of the Cold War, must unite scientists at a time when relations between Russia and Europe cooled off as ever over the past decade. </p> <p> When in 1954 in Washington knew about the presence of Soviet strategic bomber M-4 (Myasishchev) First, the ability to deliver nuclear weapons to the United States, immediately there was a question - how many of them actually in the USSR - the units, tens or hundreds? </p> <p> To answer this question, in the United States to urgently develop a high-altitude spy plane U-2, which was inaccessible to fly on airplanes interceptors record altitude of 20 km and photographing sensitive sites. </p> <p> It became clear that the number of M-4 tens, and strategic advantages in the Soviet Union has no bombers. However, after the Soviet anti-aircraft missiles S-75 and shot down in 1960 over Sverdlovsk pilot Powers U-2 flights over the Soviet Union ceased. </p> <p> Then the US began to run over the USSR altitude balloons carrying 50 kg intelligence apparatus. Balls were a real headache for the Soviet military: using the prevailing wind rose, they could with impunity fly over the European part of the USSR, and keep track of everything that you want. To deal with them was extremely difficult - thousands of slow-moving purposes flew to the ceiling opportunities interceptor that simply slipped past them, and if the shells fell and then pierced through the thin shell, without exploding. Then Vladimir Myasishcheva tasked to develop a Soviet high-altitude aircraft to combat balls - low-speed and able to reach a height of 20 km. </p> <p> So in 1978, was created by single-engine aircraft M-17 c two-beam scheme and extended wing, equipped with a cannon shell which are extremely sensitive - it explodes from a collision with a drop of rain. </p> <p> The tests were successful and by the early 80s fly balls stopped. Of high-altitude fighter balloons were asked to scout. Flying along the state border at an altitude of 20 km, a single twin-engine M-17RM could "look" for hundreds of kilometers into the territory of neighboring states. In 1988-1992, was made four year old sample and two samples for static tests, the aircraft passed the stage of factory tests, and state tests were started. </p> <p> Due to changes in our country in the early '90s unique myasischevsky plane was out of work, but thanks to scientific contacts in Central upper-air observatory plane managed to interest European scientists. The fact that for climate and atmospheric processes requires measurements at altitudes that are available only when TR-1, made by the American U-2. However, two such planes belonging NASA, there was a huge turn and European attempts to use them have been unsuccessful - they performed essentially American experiments. Therefore, in 1993, the Europeans are interested in the opportunity to conduct research in the former Soviet spy plane, which could also climb to an altitude of 20 km. </p> <p> So on the basis of the fourth flight model in 1996 was created single-seater Laboratory M-55, known as "Geophysics", which was to serve as a non-military, scientific goals. </p> <p> Russian "Geophysics" was unpretentious American "spy." TR-1, though flying further, requires a special fuel, and landing requires special tricks - it is accompanied by landing the pilot on a sports car, which helps the pilot, but in the end the team must run a special "catch" the plane and set the underwing landing gear, which resets the aircraft during takeoff. In addition, the US aircraft at an altitude of 20 km very low pressure in the cabin, so the flight was comparable to the yield in a spacesuit into space, which prepared a few hours. </p> <p> All these features M-55 deprived and can be used with any airfield Class 2 refueling conventional jet fuel. </p> <p> In 1995, a contract was signed, under which the plane was shot unnecessary hardware and installs the Italian scientific instruments. The first expedition took place in Finland. Then, with the participation of many European institutions held about 20 other expeditions: M-55 flew in the Arctic, Antarctica, over the Indian Ocean, Africa, Brazil and Australia. Flying on a certain route, aircraft, equipped with a large set of physical devices, capable of doing "slice" of air flow to obtain a complete picture of the processes. </p> <p> Transformed for scientific purposes, has become modified and the plane itself: he gained special fairings on the fuselage and underwing nacelles, which housed the measuring instruments. All this has worsened the aerodynamics of the aircraft and fuel consumption increased by 8%. But after that the plane was so "volatile" (aerodynamic efficiency of the order of 21) </p> <p> that in order to effectively reduce a height of 20 km the pilot has to release the brake flaps and landing gear. Instruments and filled the bow section where the antenna used to be. </p> <p> Flying at an altitude of 20 km is associated with two major difficulties. Firstly, there is the atmospheric pressure by more than 10 times lower than that of the land. Therefore, from 5 tons of thrust each of the two engines on the 20 km is only 650 kg. Secondly - the air temperature can drop to -90 degrees. </p> <p> Now Experimental Machine Building Plant im.V.M.Myasischeva, began to prepare the aircraft for a new large-scale European research program StratoClim, which will be held in a joint project with the Commission, the Council of Europe. In this expedition will be attended by scientists from 26 institutions in Europe and Russia. For many years, scientists have created a sophisticated mathematical model of Earth's atmosphere, predicting climate change in the years ahead. </p> <p> The global objective of the project - making measurements in different parts of the world, to verify the accuracy of these models. </p> <p> peace scout </p> <p> During the expedition, which will begin at the end of 2015, the researchers plan to investigate in detail the so-called Asian monsoon - the seasonal movement of tropical air masses that originate in the region of the Philippines, and sent through the Arabian Peninsula in the direction of the Mediterranean. The peak of this phenomenon is observed in India, where he planned to spend the basic surveillance summer 2016. </p> <p> "From a US aircraft ER-2, Global Hawk, WB57 can climb to such a height, but they are not available to foreign scientists for 15 years. Furthermore, ER-2 plane has only one motor, but it is not able to land and take off in high winds. Global climate change and the processes of their cause - urgent issues to be addressed by the international scientific community as quickly as possible. The political situation may hinder such investigations, but fortunately, so far our cooperation not interfere with political issues, "- said Fred Shtro, head of the research program StratoClim Research Center Jülich, Germany. </p> <p> During the flight will be studied temperature, chemical composition, ozone, aerosol distribution, electrical and optical parameters of the atmosphere, various contaminants, X-ray and gamma-ray bursts. "Aircraft manufactured in 1991. And now we come to the time when the allied not extend the life of components and the plane needs to be upgraded, "- said the chief designer of EMR them. Gennady V. Myasishev Belyaev. </p> <p> Therefore, the contract is estimated at several million euros, was entered value necessary modernization of the aircraft. "This is an experimental aircraft, we are moving away from analog technology, and it becomes more modern with the use of digital technologies" - adds Belyaev. </p> <p> Giving a second life to the legendary aircraft, pilots myasischevskie hope to attract the attention of the Ministry of Defense to "Geophysics", whose special qualities are still waiting for their applications. </p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 15:37:53 +0400 Su-35s arrive in troops from foreign components <p> <span style="background-color: initial;">Multipurpose fighter Su-35C, which until the end of the year told to take the Air Force Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, go to the troops with foreign components. Import substitution program for this machine is not designed or approved, and on how many cars purchased enough equipment and devices is unknown.</span> </p> <p> The fact that the Su-35C will go to the army with imported components said a source in the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of Russia. </p> <p> "Abroad, including the Ukraine, produce individual components and assemblies. There's the whole board electronics is built on foreign element base. And given that this is a completely electronic aircraft is a serious problem. </p> <p> We have no such components and is not expected. What to do about it has not been decided, the first aircraft will be used for that is - that is, the foreign elements - and will continue to think " </p> <p> However, he declined to name specific units, citing commercial and state secrets. The representative of the <span style="background-color: initial;">Military Industrial Complex </span><span style="background-color: initial;">said that if stocks run out of imported parts and supplies will cease production of the Su-35C will be frozen and transferred to the Air Force at the machines will begin to repair the problem. At the same time he called Shoigu order to begin deliveries of Su-35C to the troops "very real."</span> </p> <p> Sergei Shoigu announced plans in 2015 to refurbish the Russian army </p> <p> Shoigu tightens figures </p> <p> Sergei Shoigu announced plans rearmament of the Russian army in 2015. The main trend - increasing the share of modern military equipment ... → </p> <p> On Wednesday at a conference in the new control center called the country's defense Shoigu supply Su-35C to the army one of the priorities. </p> <p> "The main challenge for this year - to provide quality testing of the aircraft and bring it to the characteristics of the tactical and technical requirements of the job" - said Shoigu. </p> <p> Su-35C was developed in 2006 based on the multi-purpose fighter Su-35, which, in turn, is an extension of the famous Su-27. Another modification of the aircraft - the Su-30 - is supplied to the troops. </p> <p> The new aircraft is equipped with a radar with a phased antenna array (gives a picture of the situation of high-definition) and motors allows us to develop a supersonic cruising speed (the same engines are on the "fifth-generation fighter" T-50). </p> <p> In the United Aircraft Corporation declined to comment on the situation, saying that "the problems with the production of Su-35C we have." At the same time, a source close to the corporation "Sukhoi", explained that the number of components of the aircraft can not be replaced ever. </p> <p> "Basically, there is a foreign components every" rassypuha "- for example, valves, nasosik adjustment and so on. They penny, but it takes time to get them to do here. But the problem is not with them, and in the electronic element base, which no one is even going to have to do. A number of chips, we can not be replaced by anything, so you have to buy them off the shelf. This is dangerous, because they though made in Asia, developed in Western countries, primarily the United States. And no one can guarantee that there is not some bookmarks and stuff "- noted" </p> <p> He added that the replacement of Ukrainian parts while it is not because there are no problems with them - Ukrainians continue to supply, although officially broke and cooperation with Russia. </p> <p> "We do not care - it will be Ukrainian or Ukrainian details. And it is difficult to say how events will unfold. Maybe they will continue to supply them quietly, "- said the representative of the company" Sukhoi ". </p> <p> Principal analyst at the agency "Airport" Oleg Panteleyev said, that the main problem is the desirability of import substitution. </p> <p> "When abandon imported components and develop their need at any cost, that's no problem. The only question is the amount of money that will be required, and the time it will take. It should be understood that the plane, even the military - it's still not an intercontinental missile, and certain parameters of profitability and reasonable time must be maintained. This raises two points: when it comes to unique products that produce one or two companies in the world, it is certainly a dangerous addiction and need to go away from it. And if that Korean chip for $ 10 for a handful - that no relationship is no problem too, "- said Panteleyev. </p> <p> According to him, if the presence of imported components in the aircraft for the military is not critical, then start deliveries to the troops, you can now, and if there is a threat of termination of deliveries - in parallel with deliveries to begin to develop and produce Russian counterparts. </p> <p> Particular attention is paid to Panteleev called counterparties of "dry", which can also be used in the manufacture of components and assemblies critical imported components. </p> <p> "Something" Dry "buys abroad himself, and buys something from Russian suppliers as Russian products. But it is important to understand the extent to which these providers themselves use foreign components " </p> <p> - Said the expert. </p> <p> At the same time he is confident that the production chain Debugging aircraft take "no month or year." "This is a long-term process, and just like that, at the behest of the minister, to change everything at once is impossible. Again, you need to understand, at whose expense it will all be done, "- said Panteleyev. </p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 13:00:49 +0400 Russian carriers are asked to postpone the delivery of Boeing aircraft <p> Russian carriers are asked to postpone the delivery of Boeing aircraft, contracts have already been signed. The fall of the ruble made unprofitable use of new aircraft, so airlines are struggling to delay their preparation, and will fly on older machines, experts explain.<br /> <br /> Russian air carriers have begun negotiations with Boeing to postpone planned for 2016 aircraft deliveries. In an interview with Bloomberg said senior vice president John Vodzhik. "We are working with our customers and try to go for change" - said vice-president of Boeing.<br /> <br /> Russian air carriers, said Vodzhik are in difficult financial situation.<br /> <br /> However, deliveries planned for 2015, to postpone unlikely. Production schedule ordered aircraft can not be changed, said Vodzhik, so Russian airlines generally have to pay and receive the ordered aircraft.<br /> <br /> In particular, the two liners Boeing-747-8 for "Transaero". But, according to Vodzhika, Boeing, and here is negotiating with the company about a possible alternative solution, "given its financial situation."<br /> <br /> Russian air carriers suffer from reduced passenger growth - a trend that began in 2014, together with a reduction in real incomes. Aviaotrasli fixes losses.<br /> <br /> In 2015, passenger traffic will start to decline, says consultant Air Transport Andrey Kramarenko.<br /> <br /> About what exactly the company was asked to delay the delivery Vodzhik not say. "All of the big four Russian air carriers could do it," - says Kramarenko. This "Aeroflot", "UTair", "Transaero" and "Siberia". At the same time they are negotiating not only with Boeing, but most likely with Airbus.<br /> <br /> Russian airlines are now unprofitable to buy or acquire leasing new cars.<br /> <br /> "In the past, when the ruble was stable and even strengthened against the dollar and the price of kerosene grew, Russian airlines gladly taken the aircraft from the factory" - resembles Kramarenko. Such aircraft consume less expensive kerosene, and leasing, as recorded in the currency in ruble remained unchanged, and sometimes even became cheaper, which offset fuel costs. Against the background of the devaluation of the ruble cost structure of aircraft changed. "The ruble collapsed, leasing prices have doubled, and the price of kerosene is not growing at least a few months against the background of pressure from the government and the decline in oil prices," - says Kramarenko.<br /> <br /> "As a result, for the airlines becomes more profitable exploitation of the old park, that is inexpensive aircraft, which for 10-15 years, that penny in leasing," - said Kramarenko.<br /> <br /> These machines consume more fuel than new models, but it is quite covered by savings in leasing.<br /> <br /> It is likely that as a result of Boeing agree to the postponement of deliveries. Russia accounts for less than 10% of sales of commercial aircraft Boeing. Last year the company supplied to Russia 12 passenger aircraft. "The market deficit. For the "refuseniks" formed a queue ", - says expert aviation market.<br /> <br /> However, even if the manufacturer does not make concessions, Russian airlines will be able to deliver the aircraft in the sublease and avoid financial losses.<br /> <br /> "The main value of this news to start negotiations with Boeing - it is quite clear message that all caught that the crisis will be. If a few months ago, everyone thought that the crisis will be, but not for them and not here, now Russian air carriers realized that he did not pass, and it is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible "- sums Kramarenko. </p> Thu, 22 Jan 2015 16:25:35 +0400 "Aeroflot" and S7 asked the government to support the entire aviation industry <p> "Aeroflot" and the airline "Siberia» (S7) appealed to the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Russia with a request for state support, "Interfax" reports, citing sources.<br /> <br /> In a letter to Shuvalov company asked the authorities to extend financial support to the entire aviation industry, not only on individual companies.<br /> <br /> In December last year, the government has supported state guarantees in the amount of up to 9 billion rubles. "Transaero", and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the state guarantees can also count and the airline "UTair". </p> Tue, 20 Jan 2015 23:52:09 +0400 ​Air Europa has ordered 14 aircraft Dreamliner for $ 3.6 billion <p> Air Europa has ordered 14 aircraft Dreamliner for $ 3.6 billion<br /> Spanish airline Air Europa has ordered 14 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft worth $ 3.6 billion at list prices, reports Agence France-Presse.<br /> <br /> The order was the largest in the history of Boeing widebody aircraft on order for Spanish carriers. The first "Dreamliner" will be delivered by Air Europa in 2016.<br /> <br /> Air Europa fleet consists of 45 aircraft. It also contains the model Airbus and Embraer, and the number of Boeing after the last order has been brought to 22. </p> Thu, 15 Jan 2015 23:10:33 +0400 ​The head of the Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan, is leaving his post <p> The head of the Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan, is leaving his post. He will retain only place Designer General Corporation. The main reason for the resignation Pogosyan could be a claim to the Sukhoi Superjet 100 project, as well as the intention of the authorities to provide greater consolidation in the aviation industry, including with respect to the Aircraft Corporation and "Rostec." </p> <p> Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar head the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) instead of Mikhail Pogosyan, who is still retain the position of General Designer of the corporation. "Given the fact that today the KLA is overloaded with new topics - both in combat aircraft, transport, military transport, a long-range aircraft, and civilian - decided to strengthen the division and position of CEO and chief designer", - explained Manturov (quoted by TASS).<br /> Russia and China will create a wide-body aircraft That we should build the plane </p> <p> Russia and China together will create a new wide-body aircraft. The guide Aircraft Corporation hope that the new ship will be able to compete with the US ... → </p> <p> The first priority will be to develop Slusar civil aircraft and enhanced cooperation with aviation enterprises "Rostec." </p> <p> The Board of Directors will consider the KLA early termination of office of the current general director Mikhail Pogosyan January 16. On the same day will be elected the new head of the company. </p> <p> Rumors of a possible resignation Poghosyan went from December 2014, when a number of media, citing sources in the aviation industry spread information that the head of the </p> <p> Aircraft Corporation has signed a letter of resignation on their own. But then the press service of the Aircraft Corporation denied this information. </p> <p> "Care Boghossian may be associated with a lack of administrative support in government circles - said" "editor in chief of the branch of the agency" Airport "Oleg Panteleyev. - With regard to the results of the </p> <p> Aircraft Corporation over the past year, they are quite positive: revenues grew aircraft were delivered to customers on time. " </p> <p> Previously, January 12, the Aircraft Corporation has announced that in 2014 the KLA has shipped, including in the framework of state defense order, 124 warplanes and 37 civilian aircraft, increasing revenue from 220 billion to 285 billion rubles. </p> <p> Reason for leaving Pogosyan to another position could become complaints about the Sukhoi Superjet 100 project, say two sources "" in the aviation industry and confirms a person close to the Aircraft Corporation. </p> <p> Short-haul Sukhoi Superjet 100 is almost the only Russian project of civil aircraft, which have reached the stage of commercial exploitation. Initiated the construction of a new civil aircraft performed personally Poghosyan. </p> <p> The plane passed all stages, from design to start commercial operation for 11 years. He started to be developed in 2000. By October 2008 SSJ100 held a series of factory tests and was submitted for certification Interstate Aviation Committee. Three years later, in April 2011, the first production Sukhoi SuperJet 100 was referred to the operation of the Armenian airline Armavia. </p> <p> After the start of commercial operation of the </p> <p> Aircraft Corporation leadership has stated that it will take another year or two, in order to "cure childhood diseases", but the completion of the aircraft took longer than planned. </p> <p> Satisfactory individual experts and officials, and the share of foreign components in the finished plane. Many details of the ship, including the engine, developed and procured from foreign aircraft manufacturers. As a result, the share of imported parts in the assembly was over 60%.<br /> The authorities are lobbying Russian-made aircraft<br /> Fly on the domestic </p> <p> The authorities are actively lobbying the domestic aviation industry. Officials want to oblige state-owned companies to use Russian-made aircraft. Parliamentarians ... → </p> <p> Development of the aircraft from the ground up, and problems with his promotion to the international market affected the "health" of the manufacturer Superjet 100 - "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", a subsidiary of UAC. In 2013, the government was forced to urgently seek ways to stabilize financial companies. As a result, the GSS received aid package from VEB under the conversion of the loan. In December 2014 the government issued state guarantees for the project SSJ-100 for $ 600 million, which will allow the GSS to draw a loan for that amount in the Savings Bank. </p> <p> «C Pogosyan departure from the post of head of the corporation in the aircraft manufacturing industry is likely to consolidate large, - says Oleg Panteleev. - UAC is closer to "Rostec" headed by Sergei Chemezov. Prior to this structure, the two are actually competing with each other. Possible increase in the number of components in the Russian aircraft UAC, although fundamental changes in terms of the product line is not going to happen. " </p> <p> "This consolidation is to some extent logical, given that the aviation industry depends on the budget and create competition there is inappropriate, but guarantees the use of funds and lack of competition does not. Slyusarev, is likely to be the conductor of the program of the aviation industry in the Aircraft Corporation. " </p> <p> The new head of the Aircraft Corporation Yuri Slusar has experience in the aviation industry. Prior to 2003, Slyusar worked in private companies, from 2003 to 2007, he was Commercial Director aircraft manufacturer of "Rosvertolet" part of the holding "Russian Helicopters". From 2005 to 2009 he worked in the committee Helicopter Programs engineering group "Oboronprom". In 2009 Slyusar moved to the Ministry of Industry. Since May 2012, he served as Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade. Among its tasks is to coordinate and control of the Department of Aviation and electronic industry, the formation and implementation of public policies in these areas. Slyusar also oversaw the development, production and testing of aircraft and the creation of new aviation technology. </p> Wed, 14 Jan 2015 00:51:55 +0400 Nuclear "Bears" flew over the largest US military base <p> Two Tu-95 (NATO classification - "Bear Eich") on December 13 flew at low level flight over the American island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, where the largest US military base.<br /> <br /> It was the third time this month, when US Defense identified the Russian aircraft over the territory of the island. For the first time, "Bears" were seen on Guam on December 7, according to<br /> <br /> Sources in the Pentagon reported that Russian bombers from December 7, made from bases in the Kaliningrad region in the direction of Guam flights, "practicing simulated bombing."<br /> <br /> It is noted that the Russian aircraft flying near Guam in the past couple of years have been like confined to significant political events: the report of the President of the United States Congress in 2013, a meeting between US President Barack Obama and the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, and finally, a recent statement by Obama to toughen sanctions against Russia.<br /> <br /> In addition, December 8, two Russian bombers were spotted off the coast of Alaska, and then the Canadian F-18s were forced to enter the intercept.<br /> <br /> Accusations against the Russian Air Force in connection with the increase in the activity of the Russian aircraft previously commented Chief of the Russian Air Force Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev. He said that the Russian military aircraft carry out routine exercises, without violating any international rules, and instead focused on the increased activity of the US Air Force and NATO over the territory of the Baltic countries.<br /> <br /> As reported by the "Observer", NATO fighters last week times 21 raised to the sky to intercept Russian military aircraft flying near the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This is the highest number of takeoffs response for a week, as well as the most significant of the notes are still forms of Russian military activity near the border of the Baltic States. </p> Thu, 25 Dec 2014 22:54:22 +0400 In Mexico, dismissed the pilot allowed the actress to direct the civil aircraft <p> In Mexico, dismissed the pilot allowed the actress Esmeralda Ugalde sit at the helm of a commercial aircraft. This writes The Daily Mail.<br /> <br /> 23-year-old actress and her 19-year-old girlfriend allowed in the cabin, and then Ugalde for a few minutes to "manage" liner. The incident could have stayed without publicity, if not the actress posted incriminating photos on his Twitter account.<br /> <br /> According to the representative of the airline Magnicharters, the pilot was fired immediately after the disclosure of wrongdoing. "We are a serious company, and we are deeply saddened by the fact that one of our staff behaved in this way. According to the statute, visitors will not be admitted into the cockpit during the flight, "- said the representative. </p> Sat, 13 Dec 2014 23:46:20 +0400 Airbus may be removed from the production liner A380 <p> Google translate </p> <p> Concern Airbus may after three years to phase out the largest airliner A380. The company is losing customers, hopes for the Asian market is not quite opravdalis.Teper Airbus give a discount on the ship, as well as to reflect on the development of new, more fuel-efficient engines for the aircraft.<br /> <br /> Airbus Group NV can be removed from the production of the world's largest airliner A380 in 2018, said investors Group CFO Harald Wilhelm, reports Bloomberg. According to him, in 2014 the European aircraft giant failed to enter into any contract for the supply of double-decker aircraft. Now the company will be forced to increase the discount on the ship, as well as to reflect on the development of new, more fuel-efficient engines for the aircraft. Before Airbus faces a choice: either to make the project more cost-A380 (for example, to develop new engines for the aircraft - now it's engines Rolls-Royce or GE and Pratt &amp; Whitney, depending on customer preference), or terminate the program at all, explained Wilhelm.<br /> Civil aviation market in the next 20 years will be $ 5.2 trillion<br /> Five trillion for flights<br /> <br /> In the next 20 years on the civil aviation market has received more than 36 thousand. New aircraft worth $ 5.2 trillion. It grows mainly due to the countries of Asia and the ... →<br /> <br /> European paper aviakontserna after reports of a possible cancellation of the production liner immediately fell by 10.4%, which was the biggest drop in the past six years.<br /> <br /> Later, however, Airbus CEO Fabrice raving said that the European aircraft manufacturers are not going to stop the production of A380, promising that end up on the plane will set new, more advanced engines and develop its extended version.<br /> The failure of big dreams<br /> <br /> Airbus launched a program of production of a new family of Airbus A380 in December 2006. For the development of the aircraft, according to various estimates, it took about $ 25 billion. Altogether Airbus now firm orders for 318 such aircraft. With about 40% of the orders accounted for Emirates Airways.<br /> <br /> Earlier the company estimated the demand for these aircraft is about 5700 units for 20 years.<br /> <br /> At first it seemed that the optimistic estimates are close to reality. The first A380 Airbus has delivered Singapore Airlines in December 2007. In 2011, the company has shipped 26 aircraft, and a record was December, when operators have gone to just four boards.<br /> <br /> However, reliance on the Chinese market was not justified: China bought only 5 aircraft.<br /> <br /> European buyers is not too happy.<br /> <br /> And 2014 has indeed become a disaster for the A380. Apart from the lack of new contracts, the European aviation giant was forced to cancel and agreements already concluded.<br /> <br /> In July 2014 Airbus Industries said that terminated the deal at $ 1.7 billion with the Japanese loukosterov Japan's Skymark. The contract for the delivery of six A380 superjumbo was concluded loukosterov in 2011, but the Japanese carrier is forced to abandon the deal because of its complicated by the economic situation, caused by higher prices of imported fuel due to the depreciation of the yen. However, the European concern still managed to find a buyer for the 2 sides of the six ordered the Japanese low-cost airlines. "It's a great plane, but it only works on the right direction", - said the CEO of Air France-KLM Alexandre de Zhunyak who hopes to undo the last order for 20 A380 aircraft and replace them with small models.<br /> <br /> The first A380 customer in Eastern Europeanization Russian "Transaero" cancel deliveries despite the difficult financial situation has no plans, noted "" the press service of the national air carrier. In autumn 2011, the airline and Airbus signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of four such planes. It is assumed that the A380 "Transaero" will have a three-cabin cabin layout designed for placement around 700 passengers. Deliveries of the aircraft will begin in the fourth quarter of 2015. According to the price Airbus, published January 18, 2014, the average price of the aircraft this year is $ 389.9 million.<br /> Down to earth<br /> <br /> The reasons for the fall in demand for double-decker plane became just its size, as well as the choice of air carriers more promising and cost-effective wide-body twin-engine aircraft, experts say.<br /> <br /> "Despite the fact that the A380 is effective enough in itself, the number of operators and the number of routes on which it can be put is not very large. Therefore profitable for Airbus to send their power to the A320 and A330, which are in great demand - said "" aviation expert, researcher at the Higher School of Economics Andrey Kramarenko.<br /> The authorities are lobbying Russian-made aircraft<br /> Fly on the domestic<br /> <br /> The authorities are actively lobbying the domestic aviation industry. Officials want to oblige state-owned companies to use Russian-made aircraft. Parliamentarians ... →<br /> <br /> The company just decided to redirect the available capacity on more promising areas such as the A320, A330 and A350, is in great demand in the market, the expert said.<br /> <br /> Changes in the market is confirmed by the statistics Airbus sales. For example, the sale of the flagship model in the A321 single-aisle aircraft segment grew by 20% and now account for about half of the total issued concern single-aisle aircraft.<br /> In 2013, Airbus signed an agreement for the supply of aircraft in 1619, ahead of its main competitor - Boeing<br /> Europeans flew Americans<br /> <br /> European Airbus Aircraft Builder in 2013 brought a record number of orders for aircraft. This allowed him to surpass its main competitor ... →<br /> <br /> Unfavorable prospects not only the A380, but his "little brother» - Boeing 747.<br /> <br /> In contrast to the segment of small and medium-sized wide-body aircraft, the market of large wide-body aircraft with a seating capacity of more than 400 seats will be reduced, analysts predict Boeing.<br /> <br /> Concern expects drop in sales from $ 280 billion to $ 240 billion, and the total number of aircraft sold will be reduced from 760 to 620 units. Estimated Boeing, medium capacity wide-body airliner on two runs in the next 20 years will increase by 20 seats, single-aisle - by 10 aircraft will be longer passages - already, the distance between the seats will be reduced. </p> Thu, 11 Dec 2014 23:01:30 +0400 Mexican airline Interjet buys another 10 aircraft SSJ-100 <p> Mexican airline Interjet has approved the acquisition of an additional 10 Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft in addition to the previously signed contracts for 20 aircraft, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the source.<br /> <br /> "The negotiations on the conclusion of an additional firm contract for another 10 aircraft for the airline Interjet are in the final stage, and we are quite confident that in the near future reported positive results. As you know, we can not yet articulate the details of the transaction, "- said the source.<br /> <br /> SSJ-100 - a Russian short-haul passenger airliner. The largest operator of the aircraft is "Aeroflot". </p> Thu, 11 Dec 2014 20:24:43 +0400 Turn the key and flew: flying car AeroMobil 3.0 <p> Slovak company AeroMobil presented at the festival startups in the field of science and technology Pioneers-2014 Vienna flying car. This is the third attempt daring enthusiasts. Two ended, in general, nothing. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> Over the first AeroMobil Slovak designers started to work in 1990. The second project cost them 15 years - from 1995 to 2010, but it had to bring to mind another three years. AeroMobil 3.0, shown in October of this year, according to experts, has a good chance. </p> <p> For today AeroMobil 3.0 - one of the most completed projects flying car. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> Compete with AeroMobil 3.0 can, perhaps, only a car with folding wings Transition US company Terrafugia, whose production is to order the Americans promised to begin next year. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> Rotax 912 engine is able to disperse AeroMobil 3.0 on the highway up to 160 km / h in the air - up to 200 km / h. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> AeroMobil 3.0 economical: using regular gasoline, on the ground, he spends 8 l / 100 km, and in the sky - 15 liters per hour. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> Cruising on the highway - 875 km. In airplane mode AeroMobil 3.0 is able to fly 700 km. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> Of course, AeroMobil 3.0 does not imply daring flights over the traffic jams. Rather, it is a solution for those who want to drive to the nearest any suitable aerodrome (machine can take off even with a dirt strip) and go sailing. </p> <p> <img src=""> </p> <p> Before the company today are not only technical problems that inevitably appear after lengthy trials, but also marketing. So far, no one can predict whether today ready market for such an aircraft. </p> Mon, 17 Nov 2014 21:49:08 +0400 Russia and the United States opened up to each other the sky <p> (google translate) </p> <p> US and Russia begin today circled over each other's territory under the agreement "Open Skies", which provides control over the observance of each of the parties of international treaties and the movement of troops. The findings of the monitoring results, the expert said, could be used in an information war, but if Russia refused to give permission, this would only further suspicions.<br /> Aircraft Observation Mission of Italy and the USA OC-135B, based at the Boeing 707, flying over Russian territory to observe how respected arms reduction treaty, as well as for possible military preparations. Similar missions and make the Russian side: Tu-154M Lk-1 military flight over the territory will make the US and Greece over the Russian military observers will fly on an airplane An-30B. Aircraft do not carry any military equipment and have only observational equipment. American-Italian mission will monitor Russian territory from 10 to 15 November, the Russian mission to the United States last longer - until 22 November. </p> <p> During the current year was already done a number of observation flights in April, although a group of US senators asked the US Secretary of State John Kerry with a letter, which contained a request to ban Russian planes flying over US territory. Senators motivated suggestions that Russia is going to use more powerful than the contract involves equipment for photography. In a letter to Senators Kerry linked the need to ban flights in connection with the invasion of Russia in the Crimea. </p> <p> In the same month, Russia also did not allow the United States to carry out the mission in the framework of the contract, due to the fact that Washington is supposedly not applied at the appointed time. </p> <p> The flights are operated under a contract between Russia and Western countries, signed in 1992 and entered into force in 2002. Its signatories is more than 30 countries worldwide. In 2012, of a treaty entered Georgia, which it considered violations of the authorities of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the restriction on the conduct of observation flights over these republics. </p> <p> The importance of the event this year due to the fact that relations between Russia and NATO actually frozen in February after the Crimea to Russia - this step in the West as a flagrant violation of international law. Military contacts between Russia and NATO countries discontinued and contacts are made only at the diplomatic level. </p> <p> In March 2014 for the first time since the signing of the contract to carry out the resolution circled over over the territory of Russia requested the Ukrainian side, alarmed by the movement of Russian troops in the direction of the borders between countries. The purpose of the flight was to verify whether Russia does not conduct any illegal military activities in the surrounding areas of Ukraine, Belgorod and Kursk regions. </p> <p> Russia such a flight is allowed, but in the end from Ukraine flight refused, explaining his refusal to financial considerations: Moscow asked the Ukrainian side to pay all costs associated with the implementation of the flight forward - Kiev found these conditions are too stringent. </p> <p> The fact that the observation flights shall be covered by an interested party. The Russian military has said that Ukraine deliberately abandoned the flight to later accuse Russia of violating international obligations. Commenting on the announcement, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said that "any military activity that threatens Ukraine" in Russia is not conducted. </p> <p> Meanwhile, military experts point out that, if the span Ukrainian mission still held, observers may have recorded the movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border - later separatists in the east of Ukraine acknowledged that among them were Russian soldiers who either were demobilized, either at the time "were on vacation." </p> <p> Airplane with specialists US and Italy, which will carry out flight over the territory of Russia, will also be able to track the movement of troops on the territory of Russia, said deputy of the Institute of USA and Canada, Major General Igor Zolotarev. If any suspicious activity is detected, the data will lie on a table and diplomats can be "used in the information war," said the expert. </p> <p> At the same time, he stressed that the Russian side does not make sense to refuse to conduct a mission to the West, as an inevitable consequence will be the suspicion and speculation, and it is even less profitable - especially the Russian side will have the opportunity to observe the potentially suspicious activity alliance troops. "It would be illogical - we ourselves need opportunities provided by this agreement. Well, that such a procedure is preserved "- said Zolotarev. </p> Mon, 10 Nov 2014 22:18:09 +0400 New Virtual cockpit in progress <p> Well.. start :-) </p> <p> What a plane? - Still a secret </p> <p> <a href="">photo</a> </p> Sat, 18 Oct 2014 00:55:50 +0400