AN-70 will fly past Russia to Iran.

Iran could obtain Ukrainian aircraft, rejected by the Russian Air Force

Ukrainian airline "Antonov" by midsummer develop the turbojet modification of the An-70, rejected by Russia. Aircraft have decided to get rid of Russian parts to equip the US-French engines and selling, particularly in Iran. The expert believes that there may be political issues: Europe can be against supply in the country, is considered an outcast.

Ukrainian State Enterprise "Antonov", which created more than 20 years in conjunction with the Russian military transport aircraft An-70, plans to make on its basis another machine, completely free from Russian parts, and sell it abroad, primarily in Iran. This was told by a senior representative of the company.
In 2012, then-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the Russian Air Force can purchase 60 aircraft AN-70. In the summer of 2014 due to the hostilities in the south-eastern Ukraine, where Kiev authorities accuse the Russian, Ukrainian President Poroshenko banned Ukrainian enterprises of the military-technical cooperation with Russia.

In late February, the An-70 was excluded from the Russian state arms program - instead he decided to develop the project IL-476.

"Even before the failure of the Russian An-70, we started to look for alternative markets for this aircraft, because the aircraft is great. And one of the options that we calculate - is the supply of this machine to Iran. Now, our Iranian partners are studying this proposal, we hope that by the summer of 2015 will be a decision ", - said the source.

In 2001, "Antonov" organized in Iran assembly of passenger turboprop aircraft An-140 is currently being discussed assembly turbojet AN-148 and AN-158.

An-70 - Soviet military transport aircraft, which began to develop in 1976. Its main feature was a short takeoff and landing on unpaved airfields. However, the first flight of the aircraft performed only in 1994, when Russia and Ukraine were already different states. The aircraft was decided to bring to the serial production due to the equity financing of the two countries, despite the two plane crashes: in 1994 the first prototype ran in the air with another aircraft, and in 2001 a second prototype crashed due to failure of two engines during takeoff. This airplane was restored, and now it is the only instance of a flying AN-70.

One of the designers of the An-70 explained that because of the ban on military-technical cooperation with Russia AN-70 to get rid of Russian components.

In this case, instead of the original screw-fan engines D-27 screws which makes the Russian plant, aircraft turbofan engines are going to install the CMF-56 produced by the French company Snecma and American General Electric. These engines are installed on the last modifications Boeing-737 and A-320, on the basis of CMF-56 produced the SaM146 engine for the aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet".

"The plane will be called the An-188. From An-70 there will be only a glider glider because he is magnificent. And everything else will be different. First of all, we will deliver it new engines instead of screw Ukrainian Russian screws will stand the French motors, which now stand at A-320 (CMF-56). Appropriately modified and interior equipment, "- said one of the designers of the An-70.

He added that the project AN-188 will be ready by the summer of 2015.

Head of branch agency "Airport" Oleg Panteleyev said that the idea to establish the marketing of AN-70 / AN-188 to Iran looks very shaky.

"Iran, of course, there are problems with the purchase of aircraft in other countries, and if they need a military transport aircraft, the An-70 would fit. Another thing is whether the "Antonov" to adjust its production without Russian components, given that even the aluminum fuselage was delivered from Russia, not to mention the landing gear, avionics and propulsion system components. Until the summer of the maximum that can be done - is to draw a leaflet. A redesign of the aircraft under the new engines and new components will take 2-3 years, and provided stable funding, "- said Panteleyev.

He also did not rule out that the Western manufacturers of aircraft engines, which are going to use the "Antonov", can veto the sale of the aircraft to Iran, which is still under numerous Western sanctions.

"Of course, to support the" Antonov ", the US and EU sanctions may weaken, but this is highly unlikely. If the delivery will be made to bypass the sanctions have a negative impact on companies producing, "- said Panteleyev.

However, he stressed that the willingness of An-70 project is very high and try to find this aircraft market need right now.

Iran's representative to the ASTC "Antonov" for two days did not answer. Vice President - Deputy General Designer, Marketing, Sales and Aftersales Alexander Kiva explained that intergovernmental agreements do not allow "Antonov" to comment on the deal to their conclusion.

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