Su-35s arrive in troops from foreign components

Multipurpose fighter Su-35C, which until the end of the year told to take the Air Force Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, go to the troops with foreign components. Import substitution program for this machine is not designed or approved, and on how many cars purchased enough equipment and devices is unknown.

The fact that the Su-35C will go to the army with imported components said a source in the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of Russia.

"Abroad, including the Ukraine, produce individual components and assemblies. There's the whole board electronics is built on foreign element base. And given that this is a completely electronic aircraft is a serious problem.

We have no such components and is not expected. What to do about it has not been decided, the first aircraft will be used for that is - that is, the foreign elements - and will continue to think "

However, he declined to name specific units, citing commercial and state secrets. The representative of the Military Industrial Complex said that if stocks run out of imported parts and supplies will cease production of the Su-35C will be frozen and transferred to the Air Force at the machines will begin to repair the problem. At the same time he called Shoigu order to begin deliveries of Su-35C to the troops "very real."

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On Wednesday at a conference in the new control center called the country's defense Shoigu supply Su-35C to the army one of the priorities.

"The main challenge for this year - to provide quality testing of the aircraft and bring it to the characteristics of the tactical and technical requirements of the job" - said Shoigu.

Su-35C was developed in 2006 based on the multi-purpose fighter Su-35, which, in turn, is an extension of the famous Su-27. Another modification of the aircraft - the Su-30 - is supplied to the troops.

The new aircraft is equipped with a radar with a phased antenna array (gives a picture of the situation of high-definition) and motors allows us to develop a supersonic cruising speed (the same engines are on the "fifth-generation fighter" T-50).

In the United Aircraft Corporation declined to comment on the situation, saying that "the problems with the production of Su-35C we have." At the same time, a source close to the corporation "Sukhoi", explained that the number of components of the aircraft can not be replaced ever.

"Basically, there is a foreign components every" rassypuha "- for example, valves, nasosik adjustment and so on. They penny, but it takes time to get them to do here. But the problem is not with them, and in the electronic element base, which no one is even going to have to do. A number of chips, we can not be replaced by anything, so you have to buy them off the shelf. This is dangerous, because they though made in Asia, developed in Western countries, primarily the United States. And no one can guarantee that there is not some bookmarks and stuff "- noted"

He added that the replacement of Ukrainian parts while it is not because there are no problems with them - Ukrainians continue to supply, although officially broke and cooperation with Russia.

"We do not care - it will be Ukrainian or Ukrainian details. And it is difficult to say how events will unfold. Maybe they will continue to supply them quietly, "- said the representative of the company" Sukhoi ".

Principal analyst at the agency "Airport" Oleg Panteleyev said, that the main problem is the desirability of import substitution.

"When abandon imported components and develop their need at any cost, that's no problem. The only question is the amount of money that will be required, and the time it will take. It should be understood that the plane, even the military - it's still not an intercontinental missile, and certain parameters of profitability and reasonable time must be maintained. This raises two points: when it comes to unique products that produce one or two companies in the world, it is certainly a dangerous addiction and need to go away from it. And if that Korean chip for $ 10 for a handful - that no relationship is no problem too, "- said Panteleyev.

According to him, if the presence of imported components in the aircraft for the military is not critical, then start deliveries to the troops, you can now, and if there is a threat of termination of deliveries - in parallel with deliveries to begin to develop and produce Russian counterparts.

Particular attention is paid to Panteleev called counterparties of "dry", which can also be used in the manufacture of components and assemblies critical imported components.

"Something" Dry "buys abroad himself, and buys something from Russian suppliers as Russian products. But it is important to understand the extent to which these providers themselves use foreign components "

- Said the expert.

At the same time he is confident that the production chain Debugging aircraft take "no month or year." "This is a long-term process, and just like that, at the behest of the minister, to change everything at once is impossible. Again, you need to understand, at whose expense it will all be done, "- said Panteleyev.

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