Russian carriers are asked to postpone the delivery of Boeing aircraft

Russian carriers are asked to postpone the delivery of Boeing aircraft, contracts have already been signed. The fall of the ruble made unprofitable use of new aircraft, so airlines are struggling to delay their preparation, and will fly on older machines, experts explain.

Russian air carriers have begun negotiations with Boeing to postpone planned for 2016 aircraft deliveries. In an interview with Bloomberg said senior vice president John Vodzhik. "We are working with our customers and try to go for change" - said vice-president of Boeing.

Russian air carriers, said Vodzhik are in difficult financial situation.

However, deliveries planned for 2015, to postpone unlikely. Production schedule ordered aircraft can not be changed, said Vodzhik, so Russian airlines generally have to pay and receive the ordered aircraft.

In particular, the two liners Boeing-747-8 for "Transaero". But, according to Vodzhika, Boeing, and here is negotiating with the company about a possible alternative solution, "given its financial situation."

Russian air carriers suffer from reduced passenger growth - a trend that began in 2014, together with a reduction in real incomes. Aviaotrasli fixes losses.

In 2015, passenger traffic will start to decline, says consultant Air Transport Andrey Kramarenko.

About what exactly the company was asked to delay the delivery Vodzhik not say. "All of the big four Russian air carriers could do it," - says Kramarenko. This "Aeroflot", "UTair", "Transaero" and "Siberia". At the same time they are negotiating not only with Boeing, but most likely with Airbus.

Russian airlines are now unprofitable to buy or acquire leasing new cars.

"In the past, when the ruble was stable and even strengthened against the dollar and the price of kerosene grew, Russian airlines gladly taken the aircraft from the factory" - resembles Kramarenko. Such aircraft consume less expensive kerosene, and leasing, as recorded in the currency in ruble remained unchanged, and sometimes even became cheaper, which offset fuel costs. Against the background of the devaluation of the ruble cost structure of aircraft changed. "The ruble collapsed, leasing prices have doubled, and the price of kerosene is not growing at least a few months against the background of pressure from the government and the decline in oil prices," - says Kramarenko.

"As a result, for the airlines becomes more profitable exploitation of the old park, that is inexpensive aircraft, which for 10-15 years, that penny in leasing," - said Kramarenko.

These machines consume more fuel than new models, but it is quite covered by savings in leasing.

It is likely that as a result of Boeing agree to the postponement of deliveries. Russia accounts for less than 10% of sales of commercial aircraft Boeing. Last year the company supplied to Russia 12 passenger aircraft. "The market deficit. For the "refuseniks" formed a queue ", - says expert aviation market.

However, even if the manufacturer does not make concessions, Russian airlines will be able to deliver the aircraft in the sublease and avoid financial losses.

"The main value of this news to start negotiations with Boeing - it is quite clear message that all caught that the crisis will be. If a few months ago, everyone thought that the crisis will be, but not for them and not here, now Russian air carriers realized that he did not pass, and it is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible "- sums Kramarenko.

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