​The head of the Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan, is leaving his post

The head of the Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan, is leaving his post. He will retain only place Designer General Corporation. The main reason for the resignation Pogosyan could be a claim to the Sukhoi Superjet 100 project, as well as the intention of the authorities to provide greater consolidation in the aviation industry, including with respect to the Aircraft Corporation and "Rostec."

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar head the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) instead of Mikhail Pogosyan, who is still retain the position of General Designer of the corporation. "Given the fact that today the KLA is overloaded with new topics - both in combat aircraft, transport, military transport, a long-range aircraft, and civilian - decided to strengthen the division and position of CEO and chief designer", - explained Manturov (quoted by TASS).
Russia and China will create a wide-body aircraft That we should build the plane

Russia and China together will create a new wide-body aircraft. The guide Aircraft Corporation hope that the new ship will be able to compete with the US ... →

The first priority will be to develop Slusar civil aircraft and enhanced cooperation with aviation enterprises "Rostec."

The Board of Directors will consider the KLA early termination of office of the current general director Mikhail Pogosyan January 16. On the same day will be elected the new head of the company.

Rumors of a possible resignation Poghosyan went from December 2014, when a number of media, citing sources in the aviation industry spread information that the head of the

Aircraft Corporation has signed a letter of resignation on their own. But then the press service of the Aircraft Corporation denied this information.

"Care Boghossian may be associated with a lack of administrative support in government circles - said" Gazeta.ru "editor in chief of the branch of the agency" Airport "Oleg Panteleyev. - With regard to the results of the

Aircraft Corporation over the past year, they are quite positive: revenues grew aircraft were delivered to customers on time. "

Previously, January 12, the Aircraft Corporation has announced that in 2014 the KLA has shipped, including in the framework of state defense order, 124 warplanes and 37 civilian aircraft, increasing revenue from 220 billion to 285 billion rubles.

Reason for leaving Pogosyan to another position could become complaints about the Sukhoi Superjet 100 project, say two sources "Gazeta.ru" in the aviation industry and confirms a person close to the Aircraft Corporation.

Short-haul Sukhoi Superjet 100 is almost the only Russian project of civil aircraft, which have reached the stage of commercial exploitation. Initiated the construction of a new civil aircraft performed personally Poghosyan.

The plane passed all stages, from design to start commercial operation for 11 years. He started to be developed in 2000. By October 2008 SSJ100 held a series of factory tests and was submitted for certification Interstate Aviation Committee. Three years later, in April 2011, the first production Sukhoi SuperJet 100 was referred to the operation of the Armenian airline Armavia.

After the start of commercial operation of the

Aircraft Corporation leadership has stated that it will take another year or two, in order to "cure childhood diseases", but the completion of the aircraft took longer than planned.

Satisfactory individual experts and officials, and the share of foreign components in the finished plane. Many details of the ship, including the engine, developed and procured from foreign aircraft manufacturers. As a result, the share of imported parts in the assembly was over 60%.
The authorities are lobbying Russian-made aircraft
Fly on the domestic

The authorities are actively lobbying the domestic aviation industry. Officials want to oblige state-owned companies to use Russian-made aircraft. Parliamentarians ... →

Development of the aircraft from the ground up, and problems with his promotion to the international market affected the "health" of the manufacturer Superjet 100 - "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", a subsidiary of UAC. In 2013, the government was forced to urgently seek ways to stabilize financial companies. As a result, the GSS received aid package from VEB under the conversion of the loan. In December 2014 the government issued state guarantees for the project SSJ-100 for $ 600 million, which will allow the GSS to draw a loan for that amount in the Savings Bank.

«C Pogosyan departure from the post of head of the corporation in the aircraft manufacturing industry is likely to consolidate large, - says Oleg Panteleev. - UAC is closer to "Rostec" headed by Sergei Chemezov. Prior to this structure, the two are actually competing with each other. Possible increase in the number of components in the Russian aircraft UAC, although fundamental changes in terms of the product line is not going to happen. "

"This consolidation is to some extent logical, given that the aviation industry depends on the budget and create competition there is inappropriate, but guarantees the use of funds and lack of competition does not. Slyusarev, is likely to be the conductor of the program of the aviation industry in the Aircraft Corporation. "

The new head of the Aircraft Corporation Yuri Slusar has experience in the aviation industry. Prior to 2003, Slyusar worked in private companies, from 2003 to 2007, he was Commercial Director aircraft manufacturer of "Rosvertolet" part of the holding "Russian Helicopters". From 2005 to 2009 he worked in the committee Helicopter Programs engineering group "Oboronprom". In 2009 Slyusar moved to the Ministry of Industry. Since May 2012, he served as Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade. Among its tasks is to coordinate and control of the Department of Aviation and electronic industry, the formation and implementation of public policies in these areas. Slyusar also oversaw the development, production and testing of aircraft and the creation of new aviation technology.

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