Nuclear "Bears" flew over the largest US military base

Two Tu-95 (NATO classification - "Bear Eich") on December 13 flew at low level flight over the American island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, where the largest US military base.

It was the third time this month, when US Defense identified the Russian aircraft over the territory of the island. For the first time, "Bears" were seen on Guam on December 7, according to

Sources in the Pentagon reported that Russian bombers from December 7, made from bases in the Kaliningrad region in the direction of Guam flights, "practicing simulated bombing."

It is noted that the Russian aircraft flying near Guam in the past couple of years have been like confined to significant political events: the report of the President of the United States Congress in 2013, a meeting between US President Barack Obama and the leader of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, and finally, a recent statement by Obama to toughen sanctions against Russia.

In addition, December 8, two Russian bombers were spotted off the coast of Alaska, and then the Canadian F-18s were forced to enter the intercept.

Accusations against the Russian Air Force in connection with the increase in the activity of the Russian aircraft previously commented Chief of the Russian Air Force Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev. He said that the Russian military aircraft carry out routine exercises, without violating any international rules, and instead focused on the increased activity of the US Air Force and NATO over the territory of the Baltic countries.

As reported by the "Observer", NATO fighters last week times 21 raised to the sky to intercept Russian military aircraft flying near the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This is the highest number of takeoffs response for a week, as well as the most significant of the notes are still forms of Russian military activity near the border of the Baltic States.

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