Airbus may be removed from the production liner A380

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Concern Airbus may after three years to phase out the largest airliner A380. The company is losing customers, hopes for the Asian market is not quite opravdalis.Teper Airbus give a discount on the ship, as well as to reflect on the development of new, more fuel-efficient engines for the aircraft.

Airbus Group NV can be removed from the production of the world's largest airliner A380 in 2018, said investors Group CFO Harald Wilhelm, reports Bloomberg. According to him, in 2014 the European aircraft giant failed to enter into any contract for the supply of double-decker aircraft. Now the company will be forced to increase the discount on the ship, as well as to reflect on the development of new, more fuel-efficient engines for the aircraft. Before Airbus faces a choice: either to make the project more cost-A380 (for example, to develop new engines for the aircraft - now it's engines Rolls-Royce or GE and Pratt & Whitney, depending on customer preference), or terminate the program at all, explained Wilhelm.
Civil aviation market in the next 20 years will be $ 5.2 trillion
Five trillion for flights

In the next 20 years on the civil aviation market has received more than 36 thousand. New aircraft worth $ 5.2 trillion. It grows mainly due to the countries of Asia and the ... →

European paper aviakontserna after reports of a possible cancellation of the production liner immediately fell by 10.4%, which was the biggest drop in the past six years.

Later, however, Airbus CEO Fabrice raving said that the European aircraft manufacturers are not going to stop the production of A380, promising that end up on the plane will set new, more advanced engines and develop its extended version.
The failure of big dreams

Airbus launched a program of production of a new family of Airbus A380 in December 2006. For the development of the aircraft, according to various estimates, it took about $ 25 billion. Altogether Airbus now firm orders for 318 such aircraft. With about 40% of the orders accounted for Emirates Airways.

Earlier the company estimated the demand for these aircraft is about 5700 units for 20 years.

At first it seemed that the optimistic estimates are close to reality. The first A380 Airbus has delivered Singapore Airlines in December 2007. In 2011, the company has shipped 26 aircraft, and a record was December, when operators have gone to just four boards.

However, reliance on the Chinese market was not justified: China bought only 5 aircraft.

European buyers is not too happy.

And 2014 has indeed become a disaster for the A380. Apart from the lack of new contracts, the European aviation giant was forced to cancel and agreements already concluded.

In July 2014 Airbus Industries said that terminated the deal at $ 1.7 billion with the Japanese loukosterov Japan's Skymark. The contract for the delivery of six A380 superjumbo was concluded loukosterov in 2011, but the Japanese carrier is forced to abandon the deal because of its complicated by the economic situation, caused by higher prices of imported fuel due to the depreciation of the yen. However, the European concern still managed to find a buyer for the 2 sides of the six ordered the Japanese low-cost airlines. "It's a great plane, but it only works on the right direction", - said the CEO of Air France-KLM Alexandre de Zhunyak who hopes to undo the last order for 20 A380 aircraft and replace them with small models.

The first A380 customer in Eastern Europeanization Russian "Transaero" cancel deliveries despite the difficult financial situation has no plans, noted "" the press service of the national air carrier. In autumn 2011, the airline and Airbus signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of four such planes. It is assumed that the A380 "Transaero" will have a three-cabin cabin layout designed for placement around 700 passengers. Deliveries of the aircraft will begin in the fourth quarter of 2015. According to the price Airbus, published January 18, 2014, the average price of the aircraft this year is $ 389.9 million.
Down to earth

The reasons for the fall in demand for double-decker plane became just its size, as well as the choice of air carriers more promising and cost-effective wide-body twin-engine aircraft, experts say.

"Despite the fact that the A380 is effective enough in itself, the number of operators and the number of routes on which it can be put is not very large. Therefore profitable for Airbus to send their power to the A320 and A330, which are in great demand - said "" aviation expert, researcher at the Higher School of Economics Andrey Kramarenko.
The authorities are lobbying Russian-made aircraft
Fly on the domestic

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The company just decided to redirect the available capacity on more promising areas such as the A320, A330 and A350, is in great demand in the market, the expert said.

Changes in the market is confirmed by the statistics Airbus sales. For example, the sale of the flagship model in the A321 single-aisle aircraft segment grew by 20% and now account for about half of the total issued concern single-aisle aircraft.
In 2013, Airbus signed an agreement for the supply of aircraft in 1619, ahead of its main competitor - Boeing
Europeans flew Americans

European Airbus Aircraft Builder in 2013 brought a record number of orders for aircraft. This allowed him to surpass its main competitor ... →

Unfavorable prospects not only the A380, but his "little brother» - Boeing 747.

In contrast to the segment of small and medium-sized wide-body aircraft, the market of large wide-body aircraft with a seating capacity of more than 400 seats will be reduced, analysts predict Boeing.

Concern expects drop in sales from $ 280 billion to $ 240 billion, and the total number of aircraft sold will be reduced from 760 to 620 units. Estimated Boeing, medium capacity wide-body airliner on two runs in the next 20 years will increase by 20 seats, single-aisle - by 10 aircraft will be longer passages - already, the distance between the seats will be reduced.

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