The young man who yearned to fly around the world on a single-engine plane crashed near Samoa

17-year-old American Haris Suleman dreamed of becoming the youngest person to orbit the Earth in a single-engine airplane. June 19, 2014, he and his father Babar flew from their hometown. They planned this month flew 42,000 miles and making 26 stops, back to his hometown of Plainfield, Indiana. But the dream did not come true: for unknown reasons, their plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean near Samoa archipelago.

A single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza A36 aircraft, which operated during the flight only Haris crashed after taking off from Pago Pago - the capital of American Samoa. Weather at the time of the tragedy was good.

Young man to fly a plane with the age of eight, but only recently got a license. He died, according to ITAR-TASS. His father's body has not yet been found.

Harris took his flight not only for the sake of the record, but also to raise funds to build schools in Pakistan. Pictures and stories about his flight he was putting on a special website.

24.07.2014 06:36


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